Activ'Travel Partner is a Moroccan DMC committed to CSR!

We have always been enthusiastic and determined when it comes to sustainable development and CSR. We believe it is an effective way to share the wealth generated by Tourism and to insist on certain values ​​essential to our industry: Tolerance, Solidarity & Respect

There is still a long way to go, but the company's awareness is real. The main difficulty lies in the implementation of standards and directives.
We are alerted to the fact that our product offerings and programs must respond to this strong trend of Intelligent, Responsible and Sustainable tourism.

We offer a range of CSR activities in the fields of  Environment, Social and Societal.

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In Morocco, the degree of integration of the social dimension in companies still depends a lot on the size of the organization. As an SME, Activ'Travel is in line with legal compliance in terms of labor legislation and code, social security coverage and tax charges.

Activ'Travel Morocco is a team of 18 full-time employees with respect for parity (8 men / 10 women) and an average seniority rate of more than 10 years.

Training programs are undertaken annually to upgrade employees, particularly in the field of foreign languages ​​or digital communication.


Education: repair and development of schools,
Donation of school supplies to children,
Donation of blankets, basic foodstuffs to isolated villages to cope with the rigors of winter,
Donation of pottery wheels to local craftsmen to preserve ancestral techniques and keep this craft going,
Donation of weaving looms to village women as part of a program entitled “Dignity of the Berber woman” ,
Management and access to water: construction of wells, pumps, drip system,
Renewable energies: installation of solar panels,
Restoration of small village streets and various infrastructures,
Support for orphanages by participating with children in various activities, refresh dormitories or equip playground areas.

Activ'Travel Morocco is a member of a club bringing together DMC travel agents specializing in MICE, which aims to be a platform for exchanges and whose objective is to enable the pooling of experiences and to benefit from the know-how of the members.
It is also planned to develop a quality label and establish rules of good governance in order to promote a Morocco product that is united and respectful of ecological and CSR values.

An agreement has already been validated in favor of scholarship establishments to support and supervise students in training projects and which restores confidence in the associative spirit.

To conclude

The day after will be done with meaningful development goals!

The Covid-19 pandemic is having a heavy impact on all of our societies and, for the first time, the entire planet simultaneously. Professional, social and sports practices are therefore called into question and force us to completely rethink our objectives.

Indeed, this break allows us to reflect on what we really want to share with our partners, customers, collaborators... More than ever, each action undertaken must have a positive impact on humanity and the order of the world. From a localized health crisis, the pandemic has become in record time a global economic and social crisis. It dramatically shows the interdependence of the three pillars of sustainable development: Environment, Social and Economy, and the need to change our production model and our lifestyles.
To achieve this, an analysis grid exists: that of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted in 2015 by the UN demonstrates all its relevance for understanding the crisis and working towards a meaning of our future.